Leek provides a set of basic metrics on its dashboard, you can have a general idea about your application state by looking at these metrics, you can also filter by environment to load metrics for a specific environment, these metrics includes:


  • Total Tasks - Seen distinct tasks names.

  • Total Workers - Seen distinct workers hostnames.

  • Events Processed - Events sent by Leek Agent and processed (indexed) by Leek API.

  • Tasks Processed - Seen distinct tasks UUIDs.

  • Tasks Queued - Tasks in the queues waiting to be processed. set task_send_sent_event to True on clients level to report started tasks

  • Received - Tasks were received by a worker. but not yet started.

  • Started - Tasks were started by a worker and still active, set task_track_started to True on workers level to report started tasks.

  • Succeeded - Tasks that were succeeded without any retries/failure.

  • Recovered - Tasks that were succeeded after one or more retries.

  • Failed - Tasks that were failed without any retries.

  • Critical - Tasks that were failed after max retries.

  • To Retry - Tasks that were failed and waiting for retry.

  • Rejected - Tasks that were rejected by workers and requeued, or moved to a dead letter queue.

  • Revoked - Tasks that were revoked by workers, but still in the queue.

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