Leeks provides an awesome UI for tasks listing. it's divided into a paginated list, time filter, attributes filter and task details drawer.


Tasks list

Tasks list is a paginated list of task last seen timestamp, task name, task uuid and task state. you can:

  • Change page size using the bottom right combobox.
  • Refresh the page with the top right button.
  • Order tasks by asc|desc timestamp using the top left switch.
  • Filter tasks using the time filter.
  • Filter tasks using the attributes filter

Task details

Basic Details

If you want to see more details about a task, you can click on a target task and a task details drawer will be opened with more information that includes:

  • Basic details

With this tab, you can check basic task details like UUID, name, runtime, arguments and result.

Basic Details

  • Time log

With this tab you can monitor task progress, when it is queued, failed, succeeded ...

Log Details

  • Routing

With this tab you can check how the task is routed, to what exchange/queue the client sent the task and the worker who processed the task

Routing Details

  • Relation

With this tab you can monitor task dependencies including the root task and the parent task that called the child task.

Relation Details

  • Trace

With this tab you can check how many times the task was processed and failed, the exception name and the full exception stacktrace.

Relation Details

  • Revocation

With this tab you can check if the task is expired or terminated and with what code the task terminated.

Relation Details

  • Rejection

With this tab you can check if the task is terminated and if it is requeued or ignored.

Relation Details

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