Leek uses Firebase Auth and Google SSO for authentication. you can use the default Firebase settings, but it will only work for development.

If you want to enable Firebase auth you can set LEEK_API_ENABLE_AUTH to true and set the other firebase environment variables:

If you are willing to deploy Leek inside a VPC as an internal tool, and you don't care about authentication/authorization you can set LEEK_API_ENABLE_AUTH to false and skip firebase setup.

If you disable authentication/authorization there will be no user context and leek won't be able to distinguish the application owner from normal user, so anyone that has access to leek can delete applications, purge applications ...


To configure firebase you need to:

  • Create a firebase project, follow instructions here

  • Register your application and don't forget to allow your domain, follow instructions here

  • Configure Leek to use your custom firebase project with these variables.

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