Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool

The only celery tasks monitoring tool that can catch them all.

Fanout, catch, store, index, search celery tasks/events from different brokers. Inspect and monitor tasks with handy charts/metrics and build conditional triggers to fanout critical events to Slack.

Multi-Brokers support - Other monitoring tools can connect to only one broker, which enforces you to deploy many instances to monitor them all. however Leek with its Agent, it can monitor tasks from multiple brokers with only a single instance of leek.
Enhanced storage - Unlike other alternatives that stores the events in volatile RAM, celery events are indexed to elasticsearch to offer persistence and fast retrieval/search.
Multi-ENVs support - When connecting Leek agent to brokers, you can add environments tags, this will help you split celery events into qa, stg, prod subsets so later you can filter tasks by environment name.
Notification - You can define notification rules that will trigger a slack notification to inform you about critical events, the notification triggers rules support task state, exclude/include task names, environment name, and runtime upper bound.
Charts - Leek offers multiple charts that will give you an idea about the application state, these chart includes: tasks states distribution, tasks queues distribution, top 5 executed tasks, top 5 slow tasks, tasks failure over time ...
Beautiful UI - Unlike other alternatives which are either only a command line tool or have a very bad UI, Leek offers a great user experience thanks to its beautiful well designed UI.